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Let's see what some of our Youth Ambassadors have to
say about their experience.

“Well, my coordinator was helpful throughout. Whenever I faced any difficulties I would be helped and dealt with it effectively and immediately. The organization is professional and contacts quickly via email. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I learned a lot from this program”
— Noor Rafat Mohammed Al Bakili
“I had a very good experience here , in fact I got to learn and it helped me improve my skills . During this time I improved myself in various other skills too.”
— Aryan Ghosalkar
“It was a great learning experience working with the ICCE. My project coordinator helped me at every step, and I am happy to have had the opportunity to disseminate education among my country’s youth.”
— Mohammad Arham Hussain
“It has been an amazing experience working with ICCE . It gave me an opportunity to connect with different people. Moreover, my coordinator was extremely cooperative hence there were minimum challenges that I had to face. Overall it was a very good experience.”
— Muskan Sharma
“The experience was good. However, due to the pandemic, the internship stretched out to 5 months which made it a little tedious to deal with the participants. But I’m glad I received full support from the coordinator and the ICCE head every time I faced an issue or had a request.”
— Tanya Adani
“I had a good experience working with ICCE mainly because of the guidance of my project coordinator. She very patiently explained all the steps and was always one text away to assist me with my tasks. Further, I have myself taken this course and I believe this is a very good initiative to educate the youth of our country on their social laws and rights.”
— Aishani Biswas
“ICCE was very helpful and supportive during my internship and it was a very smooth process!”
— Arjit Sharma
“The website and the material provided was easily accessible and I hardly had any doubts about the process of the program since all the information was conveyed to me in detail.”
— Anjali Agarwal
“I felt so amazing throughout the internship period, it was best experience ever for me. There is two reason why I have rated like this one is due to this I contacted with so many good people and with a great mind, another reason is My Co-ordinator he helped me a lot during my internship and I learned many things from him.” — Anamika Kumari
“I loved working with Social Law and I had a wonderful experience as I learned a lot myself. I engaged and communicated with new people and got a first-hand experience in communication skills.”
— Guneet Kaur Bhatia
“The experience was great. I learned a lot of new things. I also enjoyed communicating with so many people about this project. I was a little hesitant for taking up this internship during this pandemic as l thought it would offline. But it’s great that the institute got this whole thing online. I had two project coordinators. The first one left the organization. My second coordinator was so kind as to take up this responsibility. He was very available to me all the time. I would always receive a reply immediately to any of my queries. He has been a constant support to finish this internship.Thank you”
— Sneha Jayakumar
“So the reason behind giving 8 ratings is I was able to work properly without any issue and I believe that no one is perfect and giving 10 ratings would go against that fact.As there is always a scope of improvement and I am sure ICCE will bring some changes in the future for the betterment of this world in true sense.”
— Nivedita Sharma
“The entire process was quite smooth and my coordinator helped me throughout and answered all my doubts calmly.”
— Akshita Singh
“I was able to smoothly operate the requirements of my internship through my coordinator. Engaging with students helped me enhance my problem-solving skills. It was a great experience overall!.”
— Arzoo Afreen

Words of Our Youth Ambassador

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