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1) “Green Revolution Short term Basic & Advanced program” People across the world are struggling with the everyday realities of Climate Change. The developing countries are hit hardest and face difficult challenges. Green Revolution – Action against Climate Change, a college program with the support from UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE, is a short term program to create awareness. GLOBAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM is an international Level short term course. Not just for college students but also for the people from different aspects of life.

Eligibility:Anybody above age of 12. (You just have to be an ordinary human, who cares for nature) The course includes online knowledge testing & activity.

Benefits of participating:
1. International certification.
2. Exposure to social activities.
3. Profile Credibility.
4. Greener jobs.

Also, for those who have already completed the above program, an advanced level has been introduced. I invite your participation in an intriguing and informative distance learning course.Course fees: Basic level – INR 650/- per head Advanced level – INR 650/- per head

For more, visit www.intcce.orgFor any queries contact:- Climate Counsellor: - (Add your Name) Contact No:- (Contact No.)
2) The International Centre for Culture & Education (ICCE) in association with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), World Bank Institute, NASA Climate Change, and government agencies; is here with a Global Certificate Program For College Students to support Green Revolution.

A simple short term certificate program by the ICCE with the following benefits:-

• Get a certificate with official logos.

• Boost job prospect.

• Improve CV by scoring good grades in most prestigious UN initiative related programs.

• Expand your knowledge by learning from best in class content created by national and international scholars.

• Get decorated with medallions: special edition medallions will be awarded to one Winner per Group.

• Win prestigious National recognition.

• International Certification.

• A simple short term certificate program by ICCE Cause supported by UNFCCC & the easiest way to get an International Recognized Certificate attached to your CV.

• Participant gets high quality illustrated book + Multimedia Content access + souvenir.

Fee: INR 650 – INTERNATIONAL LEVEL SHORT TERM GREEN REVOLUTION CLIMATE CHANGE PROGRAM.The exam will be conducted online.Interested students, Contact the Climate Counsellor: (Your Name/Number)HURRY UP!!! The deadline to register is (Add the last dates as provided by your Coordinator).

Hope to work with all your young volunteers in bringing about a real difference.

Regards, ICCE (International Centre for Culture and Education).
3) Are you an environmental Fanatic? Do you love keeping your environment and surroundings clean? Well then, here comes a Good News!Enroll in Green Revolution program, it’s an International level Global certification program that not only enriches your knowledge regarding the Environmental issue but also lets you proactively perform & educate people through Social Activity.
• The program is an initiation by ICCE (International Centre for Culture & Education)

• Supported by UNFCCC (United Nations Framework for a convention of Climate Change)

• Get best in class content, procured from UNFCCC, World Bank Institute, NASA.

o Basic Climate Change program: INR 650/-
o Advance online program on Global Warming: INR 650/-

Don’t worry!!! You get your fair share of benefits too: –
• International Certification.
• Exposure to social activities.
• Profile Credibility.
• Greener jobs.

To know more, visit: – www.intcce.org To participate, contact the Climate Counsellor: (Your Name/Contact details)
4) What is Green (R)evolution?It’s an Initiative by ICCE (International Centre for Culture and Education), that aims in providing knowledge & certifying the people across Globe on the effects of Climate Change & Global Warming. The cause is supported by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

What is the Use/Benefit of this course?
The course will allow you to expand your understanding of Green studies as well as educating the multitude to live a Green & Sustainable life.Receive an International Recognized Certificate, which will help you in boosting your CV/Resume.
Get Access to the best in class content.
Get to perform one in kind Social Activities.
Improve your Social/Communicating skills.
Learn to live an Eco-friendly life.

How do I enroll?
Contact the Nearest Climate Counsellor: (Please add your Name/Contact no: )Pay the fee of INR 650/-(Basic Course) or INR 650/-(Advance Course)
*Note: Advance Course can be only taken by those who have completed the Basic course.

What’s next?
Receive a set of study Material (Multimedia Content access for Basic Course) & (E-learning access for Advance Course)Complete the Online test & Activity (get the information on same from your Climate Counsellor)Get certified on basis of the Exam & Activity.

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