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List of activities

List of activities: (Mitigation/Adaptation)

1.Plant-a-seed: (Mandatory activity for Participants)

  • This initiative is taken to encourage people to grow more plants and trees. Vision is to save the world by taking small small steps and spread the awareness of using sustainable products. Plantable pencils is sustainable that one can plant after use, No trees were cut while making these pencils.
  • Plantable pencils can be promoted in shopping malls, stores, public place etc.

2.EIA : Educate, Inspire and Act is the way how the knowledge will be distributed:

  • Telling people about the existing state of our planet, where it is heading and how we can make a difference.
  • Demonstrating the benefits of the activities and highlighting how each person can play a vital role in helping to fight Climate Change.
  • Using examples that show what will happen if these actions are not taken.

3.Technology & Appliances:

  • The use of technology such as video/voice calling can reduce the need to travel via flights, cars, etc. thereby helping save energy.
  • Replacing old Inefficient appliances (such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners) as they waste energy. Hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide can be reduced per year by replacing them (and having your old appliance recycled or disposed of properly).
  • Using the “energy star” ratings on new appliances that allow us to assess the energy usage of the appliance.

4.Pick your bottle:

  • Instead of purchasing a new bottle of water the idea is to use refills. This is cost effective and environment friendly option.

5.Local Market setups:

  • Helping farmers to sell their vegetables in the local market and encouraging people of the locality to buy from these shops which will be a cheaper option.
  • Buying locally will help reduce the energy required to transport these goods.
  • The consumable products that we all purchase represent more than half of the average family’s carbon footprint.

6.Reducing Energy Use:

  • Electronic devices consume energy even when turned off using a remote control as they are always on standby.
  • Unplugging them or switching them off at the wall /power surge-protector can save over 1,000 lbs of carbon dioxide and US$256 per year.

7.Social Audits:

  • Utilizing the student network to perform social audits for reporting leaking taps in societies, high carbon emitting vehicles, Burning plastic material in open spaces, etc. Adapt a Tree:
  • This initiative will be promoted among school students (5-10th Grade) who will plant a sapling in their locality and will be responsible for its survival until it reaches the height of the student.

8.Promoting Renewable energy:

  • The group will promote renewable energy such as solar power, bio-degradable fuel, small sized wind turbines and other cost effective and environment friendly ways of generating energy.

9.Disaster Management:

  • Preparing students for rescue missions during Natural Calamities, such as evacuation, Incident reporting, recovery, etc.

10.Life Skills Training:

  • Initiatives will be taken by the groups to facilitate various types of training in their local communities such as Swimming, Cycling, Basic First Aid Methods, etc.

11.Promoting Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Spreading awareness on how an individual should manage his/her health during climate change. Sickness caused due to rapid change in weather conditions is an increasing trend. Prevention and recovery methods will be shared to reduce the impact as much as possible.

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