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About This Training

The Program Structure is designed to give the participants better understanding of Digital Marketing and enhance their skills. Through the program participants are encouraged to learn new skills such as Creating content, Boosting their websites and ethical usage of information technology.

Content Marketing
Participants will learn how to create different types of content to maximise promotions & reach to their targeted audience.

Email Marketing
An in depth training about Email Marketing & how to create/schedule emails for better results.

Google Analytics
Learn how Google Analytics works & how you can analyse your promotional activities.

Both processes aim in increasing visibility, Get an insight of SEO & SEM to make your actions visible.

Social Media Marketing
Learn about different Social Media Platforms & how you can use them for marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing
Make your activities mobile & learn about different strategies to gain maximum response.

Digital Marketing Landscape

Spot a Promising Future in your Favorite Industry!

Biggest Spenders on Digital Marketing (Sector Wise)

Indicative Salary in Digital Marketing

in India

Here is how we bridge the skill gap and prepare you to be job ready

Digital Marketing Program

  •   Industry Relevant Content

  •   Practice Tests

  •   Get Certified as Digital Marketer
  •   Corporate Etiquettes

  •   Communication & Interview Skills

  •   Leadership & Team Building Skills

Market Ready

  •   Frequent Internship Opportunities

  •   Work with ICCE

  •   Boost Your CV with 2 Certificates

Course Curriculum

  • What is digital marketing
  • Scope of Digital Marketing
  • Benefits/Limitations of Digital Marketing
  • Common industries in which to find digital marketing Jobs
  • What is Content Marketing
  • Typing content to the customer acquisition
  • Content types
  • Quality vs. quantity
  • Content marketing metrics
  • Content marketing technology/tools
  • What is SEO
  • Benefits & Limitations to SEO
  • Selecting keywords
  • Building Link Profile
  • On & off page SEO
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission
  • What is SEM
  • Benefits & Limitations to SEM
  • Tools used for SEM
  • What is Email Marketing & its benefits.
  • Email broadcasts.
  • Tools used for Email Marketing
  • Email marketing metrics.
  • What is PPC
  • How PPC works & Benefits
  • How to construct PPC
  • Flat-rate PPC
  • Bid-based PPC
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics & its features
  • Limitations
  • Support & Certification
  • How Paid & Non-Paid Ads are listed
  • How Paid Ads work
  • How Non-paid Ads work
  • How Google Ranks/Lists the websites
  • Difference between Paid & Non-Paid Ads (Pro’s & Con’s)
  • Facebook Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • What is Mobile Marketing & its benefits
  • Limitations to Mobile Marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • App-based marketing
  • In-game mobile marketing
  • QR codes
  • Location-based services

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