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Cyber Crime Online Course


Cybercrime is mostly done but not
always by cybercriminals or hackers who
wish to make money. Individuals or
companies carry out cybercrime.
Some cybercriminals are organized, use
advanced techniques, and are highly
technically skilled.


Cybercriminals use various attack
vectors to carry out their cyberattacks
and are constantly seeking new methods
and techniques for achieving their goals
while avoiding detection and arrest.


These cybercrimes can be every bit as harmful
to society as traditional crimes in the physical
world. Cyber Crime describes criminal activities
committed through the use of electronic comm-
unication media, with regard to cyber-fraud
and identity theft through such methods
as phishing, spoofing.

Why is Cyber Crime Important?

Man has always been a social animal and more so now with the internet and social media. Human beings are

now Cyber beings, choosing to spend a considerable amount of time in the cyber world. As the cyber

world expands, cybercrime grows with it. Cybercrime is complex, given that there are no geographical

boundaries in the cyber world. Actions on the internet have quick and far-reaching consequences.

Anonymity awarded by the cyberspace complicates matters further. Hence such activities cannot be

satisfactorily handled by conventional laws. Cyberlaw is the law governing this cyberspace and

is important for anyone using the internet, be it organizations or individuals. Cybercrime, electronic

commerce, intellectual property, data protection, and data privacy are some of the issues addressed by cyber law.

Cyber Facts

90% of hackers use encryption

3480000+ Files lost per data breach

123741+ Unique Phishing attacks a year

317 Million New malware made a year

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