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What will you learn?

To be safe during this crisis it is very important to understand basic information about
(COVID-19), including its symptoms, Complications and control measures to stop transmission.

CDCP Program is a simple short term certificate program by ICCE where you are going to get the basic information about Covid 19 and control measures.

Knowledge is a Significant Weapon

Be Smart, Be Educated, Be Safe!


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Work With Us

Covid Counsellors are Public Initiators to educate individuals about Covid-19 Disease and it’s control protocols.Become a Counsellor to work during this crisis in spreading awareness regarding the need to be educated on Covid-19 disease, its spread, Causes, and Prevention measures.

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• Why should I participate?
It’s an initiative so that everyone can learn how to Implement Covid protocols and display their Health management skills in society.

• We belong to a Government Institute,Can we participate for free?
Government institutes, NGOs and schools under the village authorities can have access to the knowledgebase for free. Please send an email to courses@intcce.org for more details.

• Is this course available only for College students?
CDCP program is available for anyone above the age of 16years.

• What are the dates for the Exam?
Once you receive the Exam credentials after your Enrollment, they can be taken anytime as per your convenience.

• Why do we have to pay for the program?
The amount collected via this program is utilized for the administration purposes such as online material, exams fees, etc.

• Will I be eligible for any Certificate ?
Yes after successfully completing your Test, the Certificate will be immediately shared with you.

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