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Let's see what some of our Climate Counsellors have to
Say about their Experience.

“This internship gave me an opportunity to work with ICCE which in turn help in gaining leadership and team working skills. It also provided me with the opportunity to do something in regard to the problem of Global Warming and Climate Change”.
— Kakali Deka
“I am very thankful to the ICCE team because of part of ICCE as a Climate Counsellor Global Economic progress of research association awarded me with the best citizen of India gold medal award. Green Revolution action against Climate Change course is a very good initiative for a worldwide cause to fight against adverse effects of Climate Change and good initiation to implement mitigation practices on Global Warming and very good activities for awareness on climate change, it’s good that participants benefited with International certificate program through this online course”.
— Dr. Sanjay Howaal
“I am pursuing a Masters in Environmental Science. So, I understand the urgent need to make people aware of rapid Climate Changes occurring. I enjoyed the study-material provided and the activity was interesting. It was a great experience”.
— Akanksha Yadav
“Overall, it’s a wonderful experience to engage with unknown people of similar age groups and to make them aware and responsible to create more awareness among their social networks about Climate Change and its unavoidable consequences. Apart from that, it also helped to gain personal experience as to how to interact and establish networks outside my known zones and helped me enhance my communication and leadership skills”.
— Balpreet kaur
“The internship was informative and I learned a lot in the process. It was fun to interact with the students about climate change which is the need of the hour. The pencils that are distributed are a good initiative and were a great hit in my college. The project coordinator was very friendly and helpful. He guided me throughout the process and helped me overcome any and every problem”.
— Sanskriti Kansal
“ICCE has a great support system and provides quick responses to queries making the entire course of the internship smooth”.
— Vanshika Mittal
“I was over delighted with the support and assistance from the project coordinator assigned to me. He made each and every step very clear and explained very elaborately what all has to be done. It was a great experience since Day 1. Everything was organized and prompt”.
–Ananya Sharma
“Because of this program, I have interacted with more people and students from different colleges and they supported me to move forward in this project because we have a good idea in our project. And it’s also dealing with environmental issues so we can work as a gap-filling resource in modern culture and pollution control to save the environment, so I felt very happy and proud as an intern and I want to move forward with your ideas and programs. Thanks a lot for giving a great opportunity for me as an intern”.
— Kranthi Kumar Vegireddy
“It was a great experience working with ICCE as this is a great initiative for working for the cause of climate change, the green revolution”.
— Zoofishan Fatima
““It was a great experience since I not only got to spread awareness about a very important cause but also got to learn a lot; about climate change and other interpersonal skills”.
— Arushi Bhowmick

Words Of Our Climate Counsellors

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