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Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics Program created by ICCE contains a list of mental calculation techniques based on Vedas. Vedic Mathematics is a collection of Techniques/Sutras to solve Mathematical Arithmetic’s in easy and faster way.

This program will help students to have a better understanding towards solving mathematics problems in much simpler ways.

Participation fees for this program is Rs 1999/-.

  • Introduction to Vedic Mathematics
  • Why Vedic Mathematics?
  • Analysis of Vedic Mathematics by Mathematicians
  • Sutras
    • Nikhilam Sutra
    • Anurupyena Sutra
    • Urdhva Tiryak Sutra
  • Techniques used
    • Vinculum Process
    • Ekayunena Purvena
    • Antyaordaske’pi
  • Evaluation of determinants
  • Transcendental equations
  • Derivation of basic formulae for area

To participate in the Vedic Mathematics program, Email us at ask@intcce.org

The courseware that you subscribe to is a valuable means to the end objective of clearing the online exam. You can take this online exam within two months of receiving the program material. If you wish to share this sacred knowledge with the world and make it your chosen vocation then the online certification will give you a sure footing in this field. Clearing the online exams offers the below key benefits:

  • It lends an added degree of credibility to the untiring efforts that you put in to gain the valuable life skills.
  • The certification is proof of you having an enhanced level of Vedic Mathematics.

Simpler calculation methods, innovative mathematical approaches and easier grasp over the subject are some of the key advantages that a Vedic mathematics student gains academically over the others.

The online certification in basic Vedic Mathematics is awarded to those who clear the online exam. Having gained a deeper understanding of the basics of Vedic Mathematics with help Program material provided, you need to endorse your learning’s by way of a competitive online exam that tests your mettle.
The courseware is designed to help you grasp the history behind the primeval art of Vedic Mathematics. Thoughtfully laid out section of the books ensure that you get a good theoretical grip of the principles behind the program.

You can take the exam from the convenience of your homes and we will make sure to ship out the certificate of your clearing the course and exam to your communication address. The certificate will have endorsement from ICEE and leading affiliates that will lend a degree of trustworthiness to your practice.

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