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People across the world are struggling with the everyday realities of climate change. The poor in developing countries are hit hardest and face difficult challenges: How to deal with higher temperatures, changes in rain patterns, rising sea levels, and more frequent weather-related disasters? How to adapt to climate change? How to mitigate the risks for agriculture, food, and water supplies? In addition, cities are growing and in 20 years, almost 5 billion people will live in cities that will emit about three-quarters of the world’s greenhouse gases. At stake are recent gains in the fight against poverty, hunger and disease, and the lives and livelihood of billions of people in developing countries. Low carbon economic development that is climate-friendly and climate-resilient will require huge leaps forward in innovation, knowledge sharing, and capacity building.


Green (R)evolution - Action against Climate Change is an initiative by International Centre for Culture & Education (ICCE). This initiative is about spreading knowledge on the effects of Climate Change and the actions we can take within our own capacity. It is done through various activities such as certification programs, campaigns & workshops for General Public, Students and Corporates.

Under the leadership of the Secretary-General, United Nations- governments have advanced international efforts to fight, mitigate and adapt to climate change.


At the Climate Conference (COP) in Cancun in 2010, governments adopted the Cancun agreements,forming the basis for the largest-ever collective effort to reduce carbon emissions and address the long-term challenges of climate change.

Green (R)evolution is an Initiative to Educate, Inspire and Act on Mitigation & Adaptation methods of Climate Change


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“Loved the fact that I got to learn about climate change by interactive and fun methods. This knowledge is very pertinent in today's world” - Sakshi Bhandari

“I got to know many new things in terms of historical links of climatic evolution, how it the situation has trended from bad to worse. So I would owe that supplementing knowledge to this assignment done under Green Revolution” - Chandan Wadhwa

“I liked the The course content, minimal cost and the provision of giving online exam!” - Harshit Saxena

“Green a bag activity was the it made me educate 10 other people apart from myself..and such small things create an impact” - Anchal Gupta

“It brought students from different colleges to work together, It was really nice to listen to everyone's different ideas” - Avnish Gupta

“I liked the emphasis on the power of the youth” - Ankita Srivastava

“I loved the green-a-bag activity. The material provided was pretty informative”- Divya Garg

“Its action against climate change. Loved the green-a-bag activity” - Bhavani Mishra

“I liked the innovative videos which made things easy” - Deepika Kaza

“I really enjoyed the green-a-bag activity. It helps us to create awareness among individuals”- Badshah Saha

“I liked the simplicity of the conduct and the reports in the cd” - Divyashri varadharajan